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Choose any four of our clean, raw, cold-pressed milks*:


Our almond milk is made with organic almonds and is packed with antioxidants, including Vitamin E, which helps boost the immune system. You will find no cholesterol and no saturated fats in almond milk. At the same time, it is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower your levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. While your miracle milk is low in calories, it’s high in nutrients such as calcium, iron and potassium. It’s not suitable for infants, or those with tree nut allergies. But for everyone else, it’s proven delicious and healthy since the Middle Ages.

Ingredients: water, organic almonds


Our Almond Oat Milk packs all of the nutrition benefits of our almond milk together with the super-food, oats. This creamy, delicious milk is as healthy as it gets. Enjoy it on your cereal, in your oatmeal, stirred into your coffee or hot chocolate, or use it in smoothies. It's also great for baking. And gluten-free!

Ingredients: water, organic almonds, steel-cut oats, agave nectar, vanilla extract, sea salt


Just like our regular almond milk, but sweetened with a touch of honey and vanilla.

Ingredients: water, organic almonds, honey, vanilla extract


Cashew milk is a treasure trove of vitamin K, which helps build strong bones. It contains a healthy dose of iron, which boosts your immune system, and magnesium, which helps keep your blood pressure normal and your heart rhythm steady. Cashews are considered one of the low fat nuts, yet are packed with vitamins that fuel your energy and contain plenty of dietary fiber. The milk itself is a favorite: rich, creamy, delicious.

Ingredients: water, organic cashews



This is our exciting Georgia-grown product that can be enjoyed alone or stirred into coffee, bourbon, desserts, cereal or practically anything. We promise, everything tastes better with pecan milk. Pecans are high in vitamin E and manganese, which is good for your heart. They are packed with 19 vitamins and minerals, and come from Pearson Farm in Middle Georgia.

Ingredients: water, Georgia pecans, honey, vanilla extract


The Mayans called cacao, high in flavonoids, "the drink of the gods." This is a "superdrink" through and through. Our cacao almond milk packs twice the punch, coupling the powerful antioxidant benefits of both almonds and cacao nibs (which holds this wonder food's goodness). Not too bitter, not too sweet, and perfectly creamy, it can be enjoyed as a healthy, guilt-free treat at any time. Seriously, health food never tasted so good.

We partner with Xocolatl Chocolate to source either Nicarauguan or Peruvian single-origin cacao.

Ingredients: water, organic almonds, cacao nibs, honey, vanilla extract, salt


This milk is akin to a relaxing cup of tea, easing the mind and soothing the soul. Matcha green tea contains a super-high density of antioxidants known to fight cancer and heart disease, as well as the amino acids that contribute to an alert mind without the caffeine crash you get from other teas and coffee.

Lightly sweetened, it makes a lovely morning sipping ritual. Omm......

Ingredients: water, organic almonds, organic matcha green tea, honey, vanilla extract, salt


Chocolate and pecans. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect duo. Just like our cacao almond milk, this milk is flavored with fresh, single-origin cacao nibs, making it rich in antioxidants and the ultimate healthy treat. It’s also vegan. Careful; you’ll want to drink it pretty much all the time.

We partner with Xocolatl Chocolate to source either Nicarauguan or Peruvian single-origin cacao.

Ingredients: water, pecans, cacao nibs, agave nectar, vanilla extract, sea salt


This seasonal blend of organic almonds, turmeric and ginger is a sweet and spicy milk, made for cool weather. The immunity-building, stomach-settling, inflammation-slowing properties of its ingredients make this a soothing sipper year-round. While our other blends are good for getting us through our days, this one we especially enjoy while curling up on the couch before bedtime.

Ingredients: water, organic almonds, honey, organic ground turmeric, organic ground ginger root, organic ground cinnamon, salt.

*While our products couldn't be any fresher, they do have a shelf-life of about 5-6 days. Since they aren't pasteurized, they also shouldn't be consumed by infants or anyone with a compromised immune system. For everyone else, they're wonderful.